Experienced Media Consulting for Athletes

Experienced Media Consulting for AthletesExperienced Media Consulting for AthletesExperienced Media Consulting for Athletes

Assisting with all of your communication needs

What We Do


We work with the player, team, coach, agent or organization to strengthen the player's leadership and communication skills.  Whether they deal regularly with media, or just have trouble communicating with authority figures, Johanna Wagner Martin can help your players find success!


The Technical Stuff

There is a difference between communicating like a kid and communicating like a professional.  Whether you need guidance creating a social media presence, you need strategies for dealing with the media or you just want to teach your players best practices, we can help.  


Our Expertise

Johanna Wagner Martin has built a business helping MLB professionals navigate media and social media.  She has worked with some of the games biggest stars, as well as the Baltimore,  Kansas City, Texas and Toronto organizations. Read more about her here.