Frequently Asked Questions


My son or daughter is a teenager, will thier social media use matter to colleges or pro teams?

Yes!  Colleges are starting to look at an applicants social media as a way to learn more about the student and to insure that they fit with the culture of the school.  Additionally, Pro teams go back years in social media just to make sure they won't be embarrassed on draft day.

Do you help non-athletes with social media?

Yes!  While we are focused on helping athletes, the lessons about branding in social media can apply to anyone.  We will also work with you to develop a social media strategy.

Do all sessions have to be in-person?

No.  Depending on needs, we use a variety of electronic platforms to provide coaching. 

Are your services expensive?

Not as expensive as a social media mistake!

Seriously, I am good at what I do, but I can work with families or clients to make sure you see return on investment.

Do you try to make everyone lose their personality on their social media channels?

No.  I work with the client to create clear goals, and then help them define what shared content will help them get there and what could create a barrier.   

I'm a little older than the average social media user, can you help me catch up?

Yes!  I can teach you simple strategies to grow your social media,  or I can help you by managing it for you.  Again, you will let me know what is the goal.